ministerial department. Nigeria has 774 Local Governments Areas (LGA). The state government pays for the deputy governors living quarters and furniture allowance. See How To Advertise. However, the Nigerian Governors' Forum - comprising the 36 state governors of Nigeria - are challenging this effort, which, if introduced, could go very far in tackling corruption. The wages of the chairs of the State Civil Service Commission, Local Government Service Commission, State Judicial Service Commission, and Chief of Staff to the Governor are also included in this range. Salary Of Local Government Chairman In Nigeria, List Of Insurance Companies In Nigeria And Their Contacts. Others allowances are constituency allowance, annual leave, hardship allowance, wardrobe, newspapers and responsibility allowances, etc. The Senate Majority Leader receives a salary of N12,968,960. All the senators who have just finished their terms at the 7th National Assembly are therefore entitled to 300 percent of the annual salaries as gratuity. These employees may perform merely administrative duties or specialize in specific policy problems or case management, depending on the state, territory, or commonwealth. The debate on whether the salary is too much or low will continue for many years to come. 30 percent for utility. Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) has reviewed the salaries of the President, Vice President, Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives and Speakers in the 36 states of the federation, as well as well other legislators in both the National and State Assemblies among other public officers in the country. And if s/he needs to travel on foreign trips, theres also no set limit to how much s/he can spend. Other benefits include a leave allowance N9o.831.20 and a vehicle loan N9o.831.20. According to the approved earnings earned to public office holders in 2009, a state governor is entitled to 400 percent of his yearly base pay, which is N8,894,820.00, like allowances for car upkeep. An annual base salary of N853,056 is also included, as is a furniture allowance of N1,279,584, as well as a car loan of N3,412,224 and a separate severance gratuity of N2,559,168.00. Additionally, s/he receives an annual leave allowance of N211,221.50. This article is aimed at revealing the salaries of various political officers in Nigeria. A deputy governor in Nigeria receives 10,772,296 Naira as salary annually. The Constitution mandates each state to maintain a "State Joint . This may just be a valid point if Nigeria will move forward. READ MORE:Nigerias President Receives Some Ridiculous Allowances, Stephen Saad, South African billionaire businessman and the owner of the renowned pharmace, The Board of Director of Medview Airline Plc has resolved to engage in lease . . Persons occupying any of these positions receive a salary of 10,831,522 that consists of an annual basic salary of 1,337,225. Sometimes the salaries of position holders in Nigeria are often a topic of controversy as many have claimed that the rising cost of governance within the country and the money allocated to pay the salaries of those officers will one day have a huge impact on the countrys economy. There are 774 local government areas in the Nigerian government structure, with Kano having the largest number of 44 and the smallest number of 9 belonging to Bayelsa state. In the nearest future, we hopeto experiencea less corrupt and transparent systemof government, one that can rely anddepend ontheir monthly salariesinstead ofembezzling public funds. SeeSalary Of Local Government Chairman In Nigeria Below. The following is a breakdown of the State Governors salary: The governor is entitled to accommodation, furniture allowance, and medical bills. Below is a breakdown of the LGA councilors and LGA secretaries. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to email a link to a friend (Opens in new window), Must be a member of a political party and must be sponsored by the party. What Is The Salary OfA LocalGovernment Chairman In Nigeria? READ ALSO: List of 37 LCDA in Lagos State 2. The deputys annual salary is N10.772,296. At the House of Representatives level, the Speaker receives a total annual salary of N4,334,942.50. In addition, they receive 50 percent of their salaries as Vehicle and Maintenance allowance; another 50 percent for domestic staff; 10 percent for utilities and another 10 percent for House maintenance. Conclusively, While the above figures for thesepositionholdersmight soundjuicy, the task that comes with the jobisnt an easy one. Independent National Election Commission (INEC) Chairman Mahmood Yakubu declares Nigeria's ruling party . Each of the supervisory councilors will collect a total package of N1.86million, including a basic salary of N557,427 and domestic allowance of N418, 070 among other allowances. Well also check out the wages of other position holders within the state of which some of these include the deputy governors, secretaries to the government and the local government chairmen e.t.c, as these public offices functions under the state Governors office. Please note that this information is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. We publish news and views ranging from vigorous opponents of governments to government publications and spokespersons. For the elected councilors, each will collect an annual total package of N2.4million, including a basic salary of N669,105 and domestic allowance of N501,828 among other benefits. It is the reason why politics becomes a do-or-die affair of a sort, and the reason for infrastructure decades in the country. Many governors also have regional offices to help with communications outside of the state capital. / 6.68472N 3.28889E / 6.68472; 3.28889. Persons who occupy this office are meant to connect with the people in the grassroot level and with these persons in place the Governor is greatly informed on the needs of the people in his state. Picture: The gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Plateau State, Caleb Mutfwang has rebutted Governor Simon Lalong's allegations of unpaid salaries levelled against him during. A vehicle loan of 400% of the annual basic pay is available. Samed Olukoya. Do you fancy being the Chairman of your Local Government Area (LGA)? . He receives 75 percent of his salary as constituency allowance. The basic salary is estimated at N2.2 million but this could rise up to N5million per month when you factor in allowances. There are no restrictions on international travel. A vehicle loan of N8,448,860 is also available to the deputy. The work of a public officer also shouldnt be done due to the advantages or gains but as a service to humanity and therefore the folks that elected you. has been accused/charged for embezzlement or fraud by the Judicial Commission of inquiry or a tribunal under the Tribunals Inquiry Act or any other law set up by the Federal, state or local government; Has presented a forged certificate to the State Electoral Commission. Local Government Councilors' and Local Government Secretaries' Salaries Other non-regular allowances include 300 percent gratuity for the Senate President; and estacode of $1,000 per night for foreign trips, as well as, a N37,000 per night duty tour allowance. Each of the ministers is also entitled to N6,079,200 as furniture allowance, which is paid once in four years. Your Excellency, you have been in office for about half of your current age , all by the magnanimity of Rivers People. This means that half of the Nigerian population earns less than 339,000 NGN, while the other half earns more than 339,000 NGN on a monthly basis. Local Government Chairmen are paid a total annual compensation of N5.994.65, which includes a N908,312 basic pay. Let us now clarify and break down the facts even more. 2011}. In addition, at the end of their four-year term, these officials are paid N2.724.936 in severance pay. Further analysis by Economic Confidential reveals that an average Nigerian worker with a minimum wage of N18,000 a month will have to work for four years before earning the utility allowance for one legislator. Others include, an unspecifiedallowance, which stands at 53 percent; newspapers 15 percent; Personal Assistance, 24 percent; and House maintenance 5 percent. Many Nigerians in time past have called for the reduction in the basic salary and entitlements of public officials, as it is believed that they are earning too much. This comes as the TMG criticized the February 25 general election's organization and said INEC allegedly failed to offer a clear mandate. All rights reserved. Anambra East Local Government Area. Also, there have been claims that if these officers reduce their salaries and allowances, therell be more funds for development. A Nigerian governors basic pay is now N2.22 million per month, their deputies receive N2.11 million, and their commissioners earn N1.33 million. Furthermore, the governors medical expenditures are borne entirely by the state. By. You people should stop lying so youre saying governors earn less than 200,000 a month in basic salary.. Gerrout there. But obviously, as longas theNigerian system is involved, we all know that most of these governors dont live by the salaries stated above, as governors with no exception can boast of acquiringbillions of Naira in their private accounts at the end of their tenure. The Council comprises of the Chairman who is the Chief Executive of the LGA, and other elected members referred to as Councillors. Requests for scheduling are frequently addressed to the governors scheduler. Dr. Garba Danjuma Director General, Taraba State AIDS Control Agency (TACA) 298 followers 297 connections You should also be aware that, in addition to the base pay and car allowance, the governors office has extra entitlements for housing and furniture. The deputy receives N10,772,296 per annum. Entitled to a four-year term, with the option of being re-elected for another four years. The annual salary of local government Chairmen in Nigeria is 5,994,659 once you add up all other allowances attached to the office. The Governors entourage includes the deputy governor, commissioners in different state ministries, the secretary to the government and others. The governor will get a severance payment of N6,671,115 at the end of his term. Unless the remuneration package is reviewed downward or upward by the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission, the legislators will continue to enjoy the current official salaries and allowances. Similarly, clothing and newspapers are provided for the Speaker by the Federal Government. Ripples Nigeria. RECOMMENDED: Importance of local government in Nigeria Functions of the Local government. However, the motor vehicle allowance is a loan repayable by the end of the tenure of the minister. Nevertheless the State Government is constitutionally empowered to remove local government chairman and put in place a care-taker . The following are some of the constitutional requirements: Here is the salary of Nigerian public officials, such as deputy governors, state secretaries, and local government chairmen, to name a few.
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